‘You Won’t Get Yourself For Days” – BBNaija’s Cross Cautions Uriel Over Romantic Advances Towards Pere

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BBNaija star, Cross, recently took it upon himself to caution his fellow housemate, Uriel Oputa, against her romantic advances towards their housemate, Pere.

'You Won’t Get Yourself For Days” - BBNaija's Cross Cautions Uriel Over Romantic Advances Towards Pere
Cross, Uriel, and Pere

The amusing incident unfolded in the kitchen area, where Cross and Pere were engaged in a conversation before Uriel’s unexpected actions.

During the conversation, Uriel made a playful yet bold move by playfully grabbing Pere’s bum, sparking a lighthearted discussion among the three housemates.

Cross, known for his candid remarks, immediately took the opportunity to warn Uriel about Pere’s “player” tendencies. He advised her to tread carefully and be cautious of the repercussions of her actions, playfully adding that if Pere were to reciprocate her advances, she might find herself unable to think straight.

“If Pere handles you, you won’t be able to get yourself for days,” Cross warned, hinting at the potential consequences of getting involved with Pere.

In a light-hearted and humorous exchange, Uriel replied with a witty remark, expressing that she might be left in a dazed state if Pere were to respond to her advances. “Are you serious? I’ll be walking like a zombie!” she exclaimed, causing laughter among the trio.

Pere, not one to miss out on the joke, joined in the banter by teasingly suggesting that they keep the potential outcomes of their romantic interactions a secret from Uriel, further adding to the amusing atmosphere. He said, “Let’s not tell her yet”

Watch the video below:

The BBNaija house has been no stranger to sparks flying and unexpected flings between housemates. As the competition progresses, tensions rise, and emotions run high, leading to such light-hearted moments.

Fans of the reality show have been reacting to this comical encounter, flooding social media with memes and comments about the trio’s hilarious banter in the kitchen.

With the BBNaija house always full of surprises, it remains to be seen how these relationships will unfold in the coming days.

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