YABATECH Management Urges New Students to Avoid Late-Night Parties After Matriculation

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YABATECH Management Urges New Students to Avoid Late-Night Parties After Matriculation
New Students Encouraged to Skip Late-Night Parties

The administration of Yaba College of Technology (YABATECH) has issued a cautionary advisory to incoming students, urging them to abstain from attending late-night parties subsequent to their matriculation ceremony.

In a press release issued on Thursday, Mr. Joe Ejiofor, the Head of Public Relations at YABATECH, underscored the potential risks associated with participating in such events during odd hours. The statement emphasized the college’s dedication to ensuring the safety and academic advancement of all students.

“While campus life naturally offers a platform for forging social connections and engaging in communal activities, we feel it is our responsibility to draw attention to a critical matter concerning post-matriculation celebrations,” Mr. Ejiofor highlighted.

In his message, he cautioned against disregarding the potential hazards linked to attending night parties, which might expose students to unforeseen situations leading to possible danger. Mr. Ejiofor’s words of advice resonated with the administration’s commitment to prioritizing the holistic well-being and success of its students.

“As part of the management’s commitment to your overall welfare and triumphant educational journey, I wish to shed light on a crucial matter pertaining to late-night matriculation festivities,” he conveyed. “Although we recognize the allure of social events in the campus milieu, it’s paramount to reiterate the potential risks associated with attending gatherings during unconventional hours.”

The public relations official’s statement conveyed a stern warning to the newly matriculated students, strongly advising them, in their own best interest, to steer clear of any nocturnal celebrations that might be planned subsequent to the formal induction ceremony.

The YABATECH administration’s proactive stance on student safety underscores its devotion to fostering a secure and nurturing academic environment. The advisory seeks to preemptively curb any potential harm while encouraging students to make prudent choices as they embark on this new chapter of their educational journey.

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