Wrexham Co-Chairman McElhenney Returns to Intense Promotion Analysis

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Wrexham Co-Chairman McElhenney Returns to Intense Promotion Analysis
Rob McElhenney

After stepping away from Wrexham AFC’s promotion hopes earlier in the season, Rob McElhenney—star of “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” and co-chairman of the club—has returned with a vengeance. In his capacity as co-chairman alongside Ryan Reynolds, McElhenney has been keeping a careful eye on the Racecourse Ground squad as they strive for promotion in the football league.

While these Hollywood stars owned Wrexham, the town’s recent elections were fraught with mixed feelings. During the team’s first complete season under the leadership of McElhenney and Reynolds, they were disappointed in the playoffs. Nevertheless, they made a spectacular return last season, setting a new record for the National League title.

Phil Parkinson’s squad has been relentless in their pursuit of promotion this year. Their outstanding play after 20 games has them in second place in League Two. With an eye toward the 2023–24 season, Wrexham hopes to finish in the top three and earn promotion to English football’s third division, preferably without the uncertainty of play-off matches.

McElhenney originally appeared to have retreated from the pressure, despite his open discussion of the stress that comes with promotion campaigns. But he just admitted on social media that he’s thinking about different outcomes for Wrexham and analyzing league tables again. “Now I’m just staring at the table again, running scenarios,” he quipped. For the first half of the season, I didn’t do that exercise.

In the future, Wrexham will have the chance to bolster their team during the January transfer window. In order to reach the promotion finish line, the squad knows exactly what they need to do. Wrexham is almost ready for another thrilling run in the FA Cup with players like Elliot Lee, James McClean, and Paul Mullin at the helm.


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