World Bank President Ajay Banga to Focus on Jobs and Innovation During Nigeria Visit

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World Bank President Ajay Banga to Focus on Jobs and Innovation During Nigeria Visit
Ajay Banga’s Global Tour Lands in Nigeria

The President of the World Bank, Ajay Banga, is set to arrive in Nigeria on Wednesday for a significant three-day visit to the most populous country in Africa. The World Bank made an official statement on Tuesday, confirming the visit and outlining the objectives of the tour.

Prior to his arrival in Nigeria, Ajay Banga spent two days in Ethiopia as part of his global tour aimed at developing a new playbook for the 78-year-old institution. The Bretton Woods Institution also revealed that Banga will be accompanied by his wife, Ritu, during his visit to Nigeria.

The primary focus of Banga’s visit to Nigeria will be to identify opportunities for creating jobs, particularly for the youth and women. Additionally, he will address the energy needs of the country and explore the potential for digitization and renewable energy sources.

A statement from the World Bank disclosed, “Banga will focus his time in Nigeria on identifying opportunities to create jobs for young people and women, addressing energy needs and renewable energy, and further exploring the potential for digitization.”

During his stay, Ajay Banga will visit a World Bank-financed mini-grid power plant, which provides solar energy to an entire community. He will also visit a successful woman-owned business that has generated over 1,500 service-sector jobs for young Nigerians.

Furthermore, the World Bank intends to facilitate discussions with representatives from the private sector and civil society during Banga’s visit to foster collaboration and explore various development initiatives.

This visit to Nigeria marks a crucial milestone in Ajay Banga’s global tour, which began with earlier trips to Peru, Jamaica, and India. The World Bank had previously announced that the tour will extend until December 2023, encompassing visits to small island states in the Pacific, countries in Latin America and the Caribbean, the Middle East and North Africa, West and East Africa, Europe, and Asia.

As part of his mission, Ajay Banga aims to promote sustainable development, innovation, and inclusive growth in the countries he visits, with a special emphasis on empowering young people and women through job creation and renewable energy solutions.

The people of Nigeria eagerly await the outcomes of this visit, anticipating significant advancements in key sectors that will positively impact the nation’s progress and prosperity.

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