Woman Gets Her 20 Boyfriends To Buy Her 20 iPhone 7s, Sells Them All And Buys A House


Woman Gets Her 20 Boyfriends To Buy Her 20 iPhone 7s, Sells Them All And Buys A House

For some ladies out there, the hustle just got real with the new iPhone 7 flooding the market.

A Chinese woman reportedly asked her 20 boyfriends to each buy her an iPhone 7, she then sold all the phones on phone recycling site Hui Shou Bao for 120,000 Chinese yuan (about $17,700) and used that money to buy a house.

“Everyone in the office is talking about this now,” Proud Qiaoba wrote in a blog post translated by the BBC. “Who knows what her boyfriends think now this news has become public.”

Proud Qiaoba further wrote that “is not from a wealthy family. Her mum is a housewife and her dad is a migrant worker, and she is the oldest daughter. Her parents are getting old and she might be under a lot pressure hoping to buy them a house… But it’s still unbelievable that she could use this method!”

Normally, we’d take this story with an entire ocean of salt. But it’s actually true, according to phone recycling company Hui Shou Bao.

“BBC Trending approached Hui Shou Bao and a company spokesperson confirmed that they had indeed purchased 20 iPhones from a female client at the beginning of October and paid 6,000 Chinese yuan (about £725) for each one,” the BBC writes.

Unfortunately, Xiaoli refused their interview request. Naturally, the story has gone beyond viral on Chinese Twitter equivalent Sina Weibo. The hashtag “20 mobiles for a house” has been used more than 13 million times.

Still, there’s only one Xiaoli. And she’s a damn legend.

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