Woman Bites Off Another’s Breast in Delta Gas Line Brawl

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A woman has reportedly bitten the breast of another woman during a fight at a petrol station in Delta State.

Woman Bites Off Another's Breast in Delta Gas Line Brawl

A woman has reportedly bitten the breast of another woman during a fight at a petrol station in Delta State.

The women were reportedly fighting over positions in the fuel queue.

Both women are said to be black market fuel dealers in Warri, struggling for the product to sell.

It took the intervention of other customers at the filling station to separate the women who were engaged in a fisticuff.

One of the women who was bitten on the breast was left bleeding profusely, even after the fight had been separated.

Our Correspondent who went around town to monitor the situation at fuel stations reported that most vendors in Warri and environ were still selling the product at N500 per litre.

Transportation has also increased with many of the transporters charging outrageous amounts with a demand that they are paid with new naira notes to avoid the January 31 deadline by the Central Bank of Nigeria.

At the time of this report, virtually all roads were empty with little or no vehicles plying them due to the hike in petrol.

A customer simply identified as Ogochukwu who spoke to TALKGLITZ Media said the situation is really tough and is telling on citizens. He called on President Muhammadu Buhari’s APC-led Federal Government to urgently do all it can to reduce the cost of petrol and save the people stress.

Another customer simply identified as Akpevwe who also spoke with our Correspondent said marketers were hoarding the products. He alleged that politicians had a hand in the current hike in petrol, adding that many people have discovered their talents as they now resort to trekking long distances where their money could take them.

He called on the government to prevail on the petroleum marketers to make the product available at the stipulated one hundred and sixty naira pump price for citizens before the 2023 election.

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