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‘Wives On Strike: The Revolution’ – All You Need To Know About The Omoni Oboli’s Movie

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'Wives On Strike: The Revolution' - All You Need To Know About The Omoni Oboli's Movie

Omoni Oboli’s “Wives On Strike: The Revolution” uses humour to send a strong message, Domestic Violence, across.

“Wives On strike: The Revolution” is not just funny, it’s also a brilliant film. The market women are back and this time, they are not smiling. We see them standing up for each other. Deploying means even unorthodox to send their message and achieve their aim. By the time, you are done seeing this film, you have not only laughed your heart out but also been educated and motivated, and perhaps have shed a tear (the movie’s message is that deep).

Omoni Oboli knows her audience and how to send her message across. Comedy is the attraction to the film but not what the movie is about. The movie is about an end to Domestic violence. The movie is about an end to child bride. The movie is about the girl child. The movie is about marriage. The movie is about women supportig each other. The movie is about women empowerment. Yes, all these!

The movie may have “portrayed men as being obsessed with sex”. Someone while critiquing the film said that it made it seem as though sex is only enjoyed by men. The way I see it, these are market women who are not educated, who are in no positions of authority neither do they have fat bank accounts. The ordinary Nigerians. These women make a huge sacrifice of going celibate to get their husbands’ attention and the governments’ to achieve their aim.

On comedy, Iya Bola (Toyin Abraham), Madam 12:30 (Uche Jumbo), Julius Agwu’s character and Odulande Adekola’s character, and of course, Mama Amina’s (Ufuoma Modernity) over sabi would have you ribs in pieces.

And a standing ovation to the girl who played Beatrice. For her age and as a first timer playing such a challenging role with intense scenes, she wowed!

“Wives on strike: The Revolution” also stars Shola Shobowole, Omoni Oboli, Kenneth Okonkwo, Chioma Chukwuka, Hafiz Oyetoro, Sani Danja, and Emeka Okoye.

It is written, produced and directed by Omoni Oboli.

Favourite scene: Prison (Beatrice confronting her father)
Favourite Characters: Mama Ngozi (Omoni Oboli), Mama Amina (Ufuoma Mcdermott), Beatrice and Chigul’s character.

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