Widow Testifies About Mohbad’s Untimely Death and Troubled Past

Testimony Reveals Troubled Past and Mysterious Death of Mohbad

Widow Testifies About Mohbad's Untimely Death and Troubled Past
Widow’s Testimony Sheds Light on Mohbad’s Final Moments

In her testimony during the Coroner Inquest held in Ikorodu, Omowunmi Aloba, the widow of the late 27-year-old singer known as IleriOluwa Aloba, professionally known as Mohbad, made revelations about the circumstances leading up to his untimely demise on Tuesday, September 12, 2023.

Omowunmi Aloba recounted that her husband, Mohbad, had faced a series of challenges, including bullying, psychological trauma, and an encounter with the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA) prior to his passing.

On the day of his death, Mohbad had been in his room and requested the air conditioner to be turned on as he was not feeling well. However, when the AC malfunctioned, he was moved to his son’s room. Omowunmi was in the kitchen during this incident and later discovered a nurse injecting Mohbad. She heard him request the removal of the syringe, prompting an urgent decision to take him to the hospital.

According to Omowunmi, while en route to the hospital, the driver noted that Mohbad’s hands had become cold. She called a friend of Mohbad, OG, who arrived on a motorcycle, and they rushed Mohbad to the hospital. Despite the efforts of the medical personnel, it was ultimately confirmed that Mohbad had passed away.

Omowunmi emphasized that just 20 minutes prior to his injection, she had spoken to Mohbad, and he had expressed his intention to take his five-month-old son for a photoshoot after receiving the injection.

She also recounted that the night before his death, on Monday, September 11, 2023, Mohbad had performed at a show with approximately ten people in attendance. She and their baby waited in the car while he performed. After his performance, Mohbad had expressed fatigue and a desire to return home, but he was asked to wait for the other artists to finish their performances, resulting in a one-hour wait.

Regarding an altercation that occurred within the car, Omowunmi explained that Mohbad had an argument with his younger brother. Mohbad’s friend, Owodunni Ibrahim, also known as Prime Boy, intervened, leading to a brief fight. Omowunmi sought help from Mohbad’s employees to separate them, and when she returned, she found that others had already intervened. During the scuffle, Mohbad sustained a minor injury to his elbow when he struck the car window.

Omowunmi disclosed that the nurse who administered the injection had been treating Mohbad for two years. The injection was administered in his shoulder. She also mentioned that after an incident involving the NDLEA on February 22, 2022, in which Mohbad’s head was hit with a gun, he became fearful and reluctant to seek medical attention. This was the result of a confrontation in which she was also harassed by the NDLEA. Subsequently, Mohbad displayed symptoms of memory loss and paranoia.

She further noted that following Mohbad’s passing, she was unaware of his burial location or details regarding the mortuary. Omowunmi revealed that there had been threats against her, prompting her to wear a face mask when going out due to concerns for her safety.

Omowunmi concluded by mentioning that Mohbad had planned to fly their son to Canada, where he hoped to have him born because he didn’t want their child to turn one in Nigeria. Mohbad had secured a visa for this purpose, driven by his desire for his child to have Canadian citizenship, though their financial circumstances had made it necessary for her to agree to the arrangement.

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