Why The Arrest Of Sunday Igboho, Nnamdi Kanu Is Nothing To Celebrate

Why The Arrest Of Sunday Igboho, Nnamdi Kanu Is Nothing To Celebrate

Sometimes, it is better to do things covertly and in a very subtle manner, rather than creating a raucous which then creates a volatile environment in an already explosive situation.

Now, while I am an MNK fan ( not supporting all of his views ), his arrest while against international law was expected in the sense that the cabal wanted to lay their hands on him at all costs and he had caused many of them immense stress and sleepless nights.

But the arrest of Igboho is counterproductive. He has not harmed anyone; he has not killed anyone – all he did was clamour for the protection of these people and furthermore ask for self-determination. Yet, his house was invaded, his folk killed, his wife kidnapped and even the cat arrested on suspicion of being Igboho himself (does the believe in Sango ? )

This is at a time when bandits have become more brazen in Northern Nigeria, even shooting down fast-moving fighter jets, not once but twice. There is only one available means to shooting down high-speed fighter jets and that is missiles. Who armed them with missiles? Hmm. These same bandits kill dozens of soldiers and police on a weekly basis and yet the response is always a half-hearted airstrike here or there and capturing a meagre number of ragtag poverty-ridden so-called soldiers.

One wonders why this government is willing to fight so many battles on many fronts (you cannot win a war with too many battlefronts) and making dangerous enemies within and outside the country ( Imagine playing with fire by detaining and torturing Israeli citizens).

If anyone will destroy Nigeria, it will not be MNK and Igboho whose only crime was to ask for a referendum for self-determination, it will be the floundering government, their stooges and the huge number of followers who prefer living in the disunited country of Nigeria which is rapidly failing than a modern restructured and more progressive union of states.

I can assure you that contrary to the expectations of many on this forum who are singing songs of praise for the capture of Igboho, it will all end with tears for them and for their rulers. This is not a maybe or if, this is a fact.

The capture of Igboho and MNK will only fuel the already tense situation in a country marred by terrorism, bloodshed and poverty.

I don’t think Nigerians will ever unite but I know that those Nigerians who want a better tomorrow for their children will be the winners at last

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