DSS Grants Nnamdi Kanu Medical Access Under Supervision

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DSS Grants Nnamdi Kanu Medical Access Under Supervision
Access to Doctors Granted to Nnamdi Kanu in DSS Custody

The Department of State Services (DSS) has clarified its position regarding the access granted to the detained leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), Nnamdi Kanu, to his personal doctors. In a statement on Sunday, the DSS confirmed that it had indeed complied with a court order by allowing Kanu access to medical professionals, but emphasized that he remains in their custody.

A reliable source within the DSS revealed that, contrary to certain media reports, Nnamdi Kanu was granted access to his personal doctors under the close supervision of DSS personnel. Earlier reports had suggested that Kanu was temporarily released on Saturday to seek medical treatment at an Abuja hospital, outside the DSS facility.

The DSS sources explained that granting access to medical practitioners for detainees is a standard practice, in line with the Service’s Standard Operating Procedure (SOP). This procedure applies not only to Nnamdi Kanu but also to every other suspect held in DSS custody.

Addressing the matter, the source stated, “Let it be known to all that Kanu’s access to his personal doctors is also in line with the order of Justice Binta Nyako of the Federal High Court, Abuja. Even before the court order, the DSS had been providing access to medical services.”

The source further clarified that Kanu’s access to his personal doctors was not without supervision. He emphasized that the order from the Federal High Court in Abuja allowed for such access, but it was subject to the vigilant oversight of DSS operatives.

The DSS’s statement aimed to debunk rumors claiming that Kanu had been fully released to seek medical attention independently. Instead, the Service emphasized that his access to medical care was part of their routine protocol and strictly adhered to the court’s directives.

The situation surrounding Nnamdi Kanu’s detention has been a subject of public interest, and the DSS’s transparency in granting access to his personal doctors in compliance with the court’s order seeks to address any misinterpretations or misinformation. As the legal proceedings continue, the authorities maintain that Kanu remains under their custody while being provided with the necessary medical care as per the court’s instructions.

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