Why I Don’t Post My Husband On Social Media – Kiekie

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Popular skit maker and brand influencer Bukunmi Adeaga Ilori, popularly known as Kiekie, opened up about her decision to refrain from posting her husband on her social media pages.

Why I Don't Post My Husband On Social Media - Kiekie

Kiekie, who is not only a talented skit maker but also an accomplished actress, has kept her husband’s identity and presence off her online platforms, leading many to speculate about her intentions.

During an interview with media personality Chude Jideonwo Kiekie clarified that her choice to omit her husband from her social media accounts was not driven by a desire to hide him, but rather by the fact that her Instagram page primarily serves as a business platform.

She explained that her husband is not involved in her professional activities and does not receive any income from her endeavors. Therefore, she sees no need to showcase him on her business-focused Instagram page.

“While I don’t share my husband on Instagram, it’s not because I’m hiding him. My Instagram is a business account, and my husband is not part of my business. He doesn’t receive a salary from it. So, what relevance does he have in that space?” Kiekie expressed.

However, Kiekie did make an exception and shared a photo of her husband during her pregnancy journey. She emphasized that this was because he played a vital role in that particular chapter of her life.

“I shared my pregnancy journey because it was a collaboration between both of us. He was involved, and we’re not having any conflicts. So, it felt natural to include him. We shared our joy with our families,” she revealed.

Regarding her husband’s birthday, Kiekie pointed out that she doesn’t find it necessary to post about it on social media since her husband himself is not an active user of the platform.

“My birthday is MY birthday, and I don’t see the need to post about him on his birthday when he’s not even on Instagram. The person I want to wish isn’t there. Why should I publicly celebrate his birthday for millions of people? He’s right there with me, in my bed,” Kiekie explained with a touch of humor.

She concluded the interview by teasing her followers, suggesting that the next time they might catch a glimpse of her husband would be when they are expecting another child.

“But it will be a while before you see him again. Maybe when we have another child,” Kiekie said playfully.

Watch the full interview below:

As Kiekie’s career continues to flourish, fans and followers eagerly anticipate any updates she shares, whether personal or professional.

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