Whatsapp Adds “User Mentions” So You Can’t Ignore Group Chats

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Whatsapp Adds "User Mentions" So You Can't Ignore Group Chats

The chat app now has “@” mentions to ensure your friends see a message.

If you have been included in a group chat, you definitely know how annoying they can be. You end up muting the thread to keep the notifications from driving you crazy.

Sometimes you do need to see a message and WhatsApp is adding a new tool that will make it a little more difficult to ignore group chats. The app now has user mentions so you can make sure whoever you need to see a message gets a notification about it.

Like Twitter, Instagram and other social apps, using the “@” symbol to tag someone will alert them. And yes, it will do so even if they’ve muted a conversation. While the change will make it more difficult to ignore the group chats you want no part of, it does seem useful. When you take into account that WhatsApp allows 256 users in a group, it can be difficult to keep up or making sure the right person sees your note. You can tag multiple users at once, too.

Whatsapp Adds "User Mentions" So You Can't Ignore Group Chats

The new feature is available in Android and iOS versions of the app, but you won’t be able to use it on the web. WhatsApp has been keen on regularly adding new features for group chats. Back in June, a new tool debuted that allows users to quote the exact message they’re responding to in a group thread.

Indeed, there has been a lot of changes since its acquisition for $19Billion and we hope for more to improve its usage.

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