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Using Phones While Charging: Nigerian Suffers Severely From Phone Explosion

Phone exploded on user's face

Nigerian residing in China was using his phone while still charging it and the phone exploded and destroyed his face, like you see in the picture above. This story has been making rounds on the social media as well as the WhatsApp app. The warning is be very careful with especially China made phones. This just happened, there are many fake phones about.

Phone explosion

Their have also been recent reports on mobile home and abroad and this is very alarming. Lets not forget the one that happened in Ghana just this year. But before we get to that, it may interest you to know that A Sunshine Coast mother of 4 says she is happy to be alive after waking at 2am to a smoke-filled room, with her mobile phone “glowing red hot like an element” as it charged on the bedside her table. Apparently, Charlene Orchard put her Samsung S6 on to charge before going to bed in a room with her four-year-old daughter Ashley and their dog Sam but God saved her that day.

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