Unpaid Royalties Controversy: Terry G Confronts Timaya Publicly

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Nigerian artist Terry G took to his Instagram to express his grievances against Timaya for allegedly failing to pay royalties.

Unpaid Royalties Controversy: Terry G Confronts Timaya Publicly
Terry G

The “Akpako Master” singer shared his frustration and displeasure openly about the situation.

In a recent post on social media, Terry G disclosed his contemplation over publicly addressing the issue, inspired by podcasts featuring artists discussing their struggles with receiving unpaid royalties.

He ominously hinted that when he decides to share his thoughts, it will lead to a major shake-up, using the phrase “the table will be used for firewood” to indicate his readiness for a bold and decisive confrontation.

Unpaid Royalties Controversy: Terry G Confronts Timaya Publicly

Terry G has made it clear that his expectation is for Timaya and other artists to settle the 50% producer publishing royalties he believes he is owed.

He pointed to his own experience as a prime example of how the industry takes advantage of excellence, only to then disregard it. The accomplished musician and producer lamented over the unfair treatment he feels he has received from his peers.

Terry G wrote:

“Looking at all the podcasts and disclosure artists speaking up, the day I go talk on my own, the table will be used for firewood. If you know I produced this song for you,

“I need my 50% producer publishing royalties from Himaya and others. But all the producers out there use me as an example of how they use and dump greatness. But still, I rise.”

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