Trial Looms for Real Madrid Coach Ancelotti as Tax Fraud Allegations Surface

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Trial Looms for Real Madrid Coach Ancelotti as Tax Fraud Allegations Surface
Real Madrid Coach to Stand Trial for Undisclosed Image Rights Earnings

Carlo Ancelotti, the renowned coach of Real Madrid, is set to face a trial for tax fraud as allegations emerge that he failed to disclose his earnings from image rights in 2014 to the Spanish tax authorities. The case, which has captured widespread attention, has led to a Spanish judge asserting that Ancelotti has “acknowledged” the actions that resulted in a loss of 386,361 euros ($428,000) for the country’s treasury. The judge’s findings were revealed in a court document obtained by AFP on Wednesday.

The judge emphasized the presence of compelling evidence, stating, “It is evident that there are sufficient indications to consider the deeds under investigation could constitute an alleged offence against the public treasury.” These remarks highlight the gravity of the situation and the potential legal consequences Ancelotti may face.

The allegations against Ancelotti assert that while he declared his earnings as the coach of Real Madrid during the 2014 tax year, he failed to disclose his earnings from image rights and other related sources of income, according to the Spanish tax office’s claims. However, the court official overseeing the case dismissed a similar complaint concerning Ancelotti’s tax return from 2015, a period when he was a tax resident in the United Kingdom.

Carlo Ancelotti, aged 64, took charge of Real Madrid in 2013 before departing in May 2015, only to be appointed as the coach of Bayern Munich the following year. Following his tenure at Bayern Munich, Ancelotti went on to manage Napoli and Everton. In a surprising turn of events, he returned to Real Madrid in 2021 and currently has one year remaining on his contract with the club.

Despite the impending trial, Ancelotti has already made future plans in the football world. The Brazil national team’s federation recently announced that the veteran coach has agreed to take charge of the team from June 2024 onwards, indicating his continued involvement in the sport.

As the legal proceedings unfold, the football world eagerly awaits the outcome of Carlo Ancelotti’s trial, with the coach’s reputation and career potentially hanging in the balance.

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