Tragic Unfolding of Lagos Socialite’s Lagoon Incident

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Tragic Unfolding of Lagos Socialite's Lagoon Incident
Untold Story of Lagos Socialite’s Lagoon Crisis

In a shocking turn of events, renowned Lagos State socialite, Farida Abdulkabir, has candidly shared the harrowing reasons behind her recent attempt to jump into the lagoon from the Third Mainland Bridge in Lagos. Abdulkabir, also known as the proprietor of the House of Phreedah, has cited a series of overwhelming frustrations, a failed marriage, and other underlying factors as the driving forces behind her desperate actions that transpired on Thursday night.

In a widely circulated voice note that quickly went viral across social media platforms, Abdulkabir disclosed that her extravagant N100 million union with fellow Lagos socialite, Demola Okulaja, had disastrously crumbled just two months after their lavish wedding ceremony.

The heart-wrenching voice recording captures her emotional turmoil and unveils the dire circumstances she faced following her shattered marriage. The turmoil pushed her to the brink of despair, leading her to contemplate taking her own life by plunging into the lagoon.

The shocking incident was caught on camera, as Abdulkabir was visibly distressed, requiring urgent intervention from concerned bystanders. The video captures the moment when rescuers and passersby attempted to pacify her and assure her that there was hope beyond her current predicament. Ultimately, they managed to prevent the attempted suicide, taking her into her vehicle and transporting her to an undisclosed location for further support and assistance.

Farida Abdulkabir, recognized for her fair complexion and entrepreneurial prowess, has established a thriving beauty lounge and spa situated on Akerele Street in Surulere, Lagos. However, the success in her professional life stood in stark contrast to the turmoil that had engulfed her personal life.

The root cause of her distress was traced back to her collapsed marriage with Demola Okulaja, a fellow prominent figure in Lagos’ social scene. The marriage, once the talk of the town, ended in turmoil just a mere two months after the extravagant celebrations that marked their union.

In an emotionally charged admission, Abdulkabir explained that her life had taken a sharp downturn after Okulaja abruptly departed their shared marital abode. She revealed that she had been grappling with overwhelming depression and feelings of desperation, leading to numerous attempts at ending her own life.

Reflecting on her struggles, Abdulkabir voiced deep remorse for the pain her actions could have inflicted upon her children had her suicide attempt been successful. She expressed profound gratitude for the intervention that prevented her from taking such a drastic step, acknowledging the weight of her responsibility towards her children’s well-being.

As news of the incident spread, Farida Abdulkabir and her estranged husband, Demola Okulaja, engaged in a very public and acrimonious exchange on social media. Both parties hurled accusations and exposed shocking family secrets, descending into name-calling and personal attacks.

The incident serves as a stark reminder of the hidden battles individuals may be facing behind their public personas, and highlights the importance of mental health support and awareness in society. Farida Abdulkabir’s story is a testament to the resilience of the human spirit and the crucial role that compassion and understanding play in preventing tragic outcomes.

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