Traditionalists Applaud Ogun Assembly for Recognizing Isese Day

A joint statement released by the association’s state Secretary, Fakayode Fatunde, and the Public Relations Officer, Taiwo Fagbohun, commended the Ogun Assembly for its progressive stance.

Traditionalists Applaud Ogun Assembly for Recognizing Isese Day


The members of the assembly based their resolutions on the importance of preserving the rich culture and tradition of the state for future generations. They called for the observation of Isese-Cultural Day on August 20 each year and proposed that it be declared a work-free day.

“It is noteworthy, commendable, and historical, the action of the Ogun Assembly for passing the bill for the Isese Day holiday for our teeming members in the state,” the association stated. “It goes to show that members of the Assembly are not discriminatory and embrace all religious worshippers as members of the society. The Nigerian constitution allows all citizens to practice their choices of religion, as long as it does not infringe upon the freedom of others. Unfortunately, such freedom of choice is not allowed to flourish in Nigeria. However, we appreciate that the Ogun Assembly followed in the footsteps of the Osun State by declaring August 20 as Isese Day holiday.”

The association took this opportunity to appeal to Governor Makinde, known for his administration’s positive initiatives, to declare the Isese Day holiday in Oyo State, as done by the governments of Osun and Ogun States. The association’s demand is based on their rights as believers, akin to their Christian and Muslim counterparts, and the freedom enshrined in the Nigerian constitution to associate with their desired religion. They expressed confidence in Governor Makinde’s ability to make the bold decision.

Isese Day is an important cultural and religious celebration for adherents of the traditional Yoruba religion, also known as “Isese.” It provides an opportunity for worshippers to honor their deities, ancestors, and the spiritual essence of the Yoruba people. The recognition of this holiday by the Ogun Assembly is seen as a positive step towards fostering inclusivity and promoting cultural heritage in Nigeria. The association remains hopeful that Governor Makinde will heed their appeal and extend the same recognition to traditional religious worshippers in Oyo State.

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