Top 10 Tuition Free Universities In Germany

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Germany is today known to be among the lists of strong nations in the world. The history that lies behind this country is dated thousands of years ago.

Germany has Berlin as its capital and it also has other great places like, Munich, Frankfurt, Cologne, Heidelberg and many other great places which I believe you would love to have a feel of if you are opportune to do so.

Germany is known for some many things today. They are known more outstandingly for having the highest number of free tuition universities, they are known for cultural diversity and for their propagation of high-quality education. These are just little highlights of what they are known for.

Do you know how interesting it is to study in a country like Germany and still make a reasonable advantage of your opportunity? Yes, this is possible because Germany is so open for business.

Germany is a lovely country that is highly rated among the developed countries today. International students’ residences within Europe do not need a visa to enter Germany, all they need is a Passport. So if you are a citizen of any country in Europe, then you won’t need a visa, in lieu of a visa, you will need an international passport. But for countries outside Europe, you will need a visa to get into Germany.

Germany has played a significant role in the propagation of education globally. And the rate of international students in German schools today. Since the country has been able to teach foreign languages including English, students now fix their minds in German universities. The German language has now become a recognized language in so many countries. It is also said that Germany now is the home of tuition-free universities. What really makes Germany stand out from other countries when it comes to education is their tuition-free universities and their high-quality education.

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List of Tuition-free universities in Germany

1. Ludwig Maximilian University, Munich
This university is located right in the heart of Munich. Ludwig Maximilian University has been in existence since it was established in the year 1472 to . You want to be part of the leading academic and research University in Europe then you enroll for admission in MLU. It is also among the oldest and largest university in Germany and has attracted students from all over the world. If you want to go in for an Undergraduate or Postgraduate program then you can think of Ludwig Maximilian University in Munich.

2. Ruprecht-Karls-Universitat Heidelberg
This university is the oldest in Germany having been established since the year 1386. It provides excellent education and it is a school funeral by the state. Here in this university, you will see to yourself that it has up to 150-degree programs with arrays of subjects which you can choose from. Among such are Medicine, , Humanities to Economics, social sciences to natural and life sciences. In this University, many of their programs are rendered in German language but there are few graduate programs that are available in English.

3. Georg-August-Universitat Göttingen (University of Göttingen)
This is a public research university in Göttingen that has its concentration on research-based teaching. The University of Göttingen was established in the year 1737. It is a well-known public university that doesn’t charge tuition fees.

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4. Freie Universitat Berlin (Free University of Berlin)
This university was founded since 1948 and hence it has been a premier research institution in Germany. This university also facilitates study abroad trip. It has a total of twelve academic departments with another three in disciplinary central institutions. With a wide spectrum of subjects, this school also offers you with Bachelors, masters and doctoral degree programs. This university does not charge tuition fees.

5. Humboldt University of Berlin
Established since the year 1810. I have researched thoroughly and I have discovered this is among the oldest university in Germany. It has a wide range of courses from Arts and Humanities, Theology and Philosophy, Law to Medicine and Science. You don’t need to worry about any subject because all subjects are duly covered. This university does not charge for tuition. It is absolutely free for domestic and foreign students.

6. University of Hamburg
Situated in the north of Germany, this university was founded in the year 1919. I see this school to be the largest university in education and research. It will give you 225-degree programs to choose from and it comprises of eight facilities.

7. University of Stuttgart
This university offers both undergraduate and postgraduate programs with a great number of subjects. It was founded in 1829. When it comes to reputation in an excellent education, this school has gained it. This university does not charge tuition fees but there is a certain amount of mandatory student fees that you must pay per semester. Both German and International students pay this student fee.

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8. University of Cologne
If you are always captured with huge schools then you should take a look at the University of Cologne. This school has a large population of the student up to 40,000 and this has made the school one of the largest Student bodies in Germany. There are also numerous course and various subjects that you can take advantage of to study what you desire.

9. RWTH Aachen University
This is one of the best German Technical University of all time. So if you want to study RWTH, you won’t just study, you will also be privileged to be in the midst of world-class engineering science students and medicine. This university is well known when it comes to those fields. Admission is always open to international students.

10. University of Mannheim
This university is not that a long-standing university, it is relatively a young university that was established in the year 1967, but now the school’s population has increased up to 12,000 students studying in this university for free.

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