Tolani Baj Says She Cares Less About How People Perceive Her Attitude


Tolani Baj, a vlogger and one of season 5 housemates says that she doesn’t care about the opinion or perception of people about her attitude during the Reunion show.

In a short video clip, noted that she is not disturbed at all by what people think about her, she further stated that if she was cool-headed and quiet, people would have still dragged her for a reason or two, so she decided to give them something dramatic instead.

Tolani Baj, also known as TBaj
Tolani Baj, also known as TBaj

In her words ;

”The question is do I care? If I was quiet in the reunion, they will still drag me. I decided to show them small things, everybody was shook. Internet couldn’t conatin it. Everybody was just shaking. TBaj this, TBaj that…but I don’t care”

Watch the video below:

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