There Won’t Be Anarchy When You’re Removed By Law – LP To Tinubu

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In a recent development, the Labour Party (LP) has addressed concerns regarding the potential aftermath of President Bola Tinubu’s removal from office through legal proceedings.

There Won’t Be Anarchy When You’re Removed By Law – LP To Tinubu
The party emphasizes that Nigeria will not plunge into anarchy if the court decides to rule against the incumbent president.

According to reports, President Tinubu had urged the presidential election tribunal to dismiss the petition filed by the Labour Party, seeking to nullify his victory based on the allegation that he failed to secure 25 per cent of the lawful votes cast in the federal capital territory (FCT).

Represented by his counsel, Wole Olanipekun, Tinubu presented a final written address to the tribunal, arguing that the FCT should be considered as the 37th state for electoral purposes. He warned that any alternative interpretation would lead to “absurdity, chaos, anarchy, and alteration of the very intention of the legislature.”

Responding to President Tinubu’s statement, the LP stated on Monday through its national publicity secretary, Obiora Ifoh. The party expressed its belief that Tinubu’s comments were unnecessary considering the matter is already being adjudicated by the court.

The LP urged the All Progressives Congress (APC) to approach the issue with caution, emphasizing that no amount of pressure on the tribunal judges could alter the established legal processes and requirements.

Expressing concern over the leaked submission to the media, the LP stated, “We still do not know the reason behind this act of desperation, even when the matter is still pending in court. We will, however, be careful not to term the action as sub-judice.”

“Having said that, the Labour Party thinks that the statement was unnecessary since the matter is already before the court, and going ahead to pontificate on it could be construed as interference in the duties and responsibilities of the judiciary.

“The truth of the matter is that there are no sentiments when it comes to matters of law. The law is the law and once the law has stipulated the manner and how a matter must be carried out, it must follow that pattern. If the law has stated the requirement that a presidential candidate must meet before he can be declared, there is no shortcut to it.

“Therefore, if the constitution which is the ground norm of the law in Nigeria has stated clearly that you must score at least 25 per cent in FCT before the president can be declared, anything short of that can not remedy it.

“We insist that no amount of threat from the APC on the judges in the tribunal can change the processes and requirements that the law has put in place. It must be followed and that is the position of the Labour Party.

“Let me assure the APC and their leaders that if there were no absurdity, chaos, and anarchy when they forced their way into power, Nigeria will still witness peace when they are eventually evicted from power.”

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