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The Un-American President: Reactions Trail Op-ed Piece On Trump

The Un-American President

Multiple reactions have continued to trail the op-ed piece titled “Trump: The Un-American President” published on New York Times as Americans and diverse people across bared their mind to the article.

Charles M. Blow, the NYTimes columnist who penned down the piece emphasized critically on the recent dealing of with Canada Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau. He described how the US President continued to misrepresent the country labelling him a “pathological lair”.

The op-ed article pointed to an earlier reported by The Washington Post where Trump boasted in a private fund-raising dinner about lying to Justin Trudeau, prime minister of Canada.

The op-ed writeup throws more weight on Trump’s numerous lies:

It bears repeating that is a pathological, unrepentant liar. We must state this truth for as long as he revels in untruth.

But there is something about the nakedness of this confession, the brazenness of it, the cavalier-ness, that still has the ability to shock.

First, why does the president of the United States not know whether we have a trade surplus or deficit with Canada? A pillar of his campaign was to renegotiate Nafta. Surely he understood the basic fundamentals before making wild accusations and unrealistic promises, right? Wrong.

Reactions To The Op-ed Article:

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