Soul E: Abuja-based Pastor Predicts Doom And Catastrophe For Lagos


<p><strong>Soul E:</strong> Abuja-based Pastor Predicts Doom And Catastrophe For Lagos</p>

Abuja-based singer-turned-pastor Soul E, is out again with another prophecy; warning that Lagosians need to be prayerful to avoid another calamity within government and the State in general.

“Lagos needs to pray against bad news in the state government. Also I see a huge fire outbreak in very popular market places,” he predicted recently.

The father of three, who noted that he will be making a full comeback to the music scene early 2017, will also be unveiling his new book titled When God is Silent.

He stated that the book is written for those who are faced with life tribulations, and are in search of solutions.

“I was inspired by the pain a lot of people have faced. This book will tell you what to do, and how to handle yourself when all seems to go bad. It will be online, because the world is going digital. And it will be an easy avenue for people to get the book. Having it online is a smart move and more fruitful. There will also be few hard copies too,” he said.

Full of optimism, the singer said that the year 2017 will be a huge year for him.

“My music is born out of passion and not competition. I don’t do music because of people. I have always been a man that does his things differently. I am happy when I sing, so my true followers will get my songs and be happy I am back. What I am sure of is three videos hitting airwaves in 2017. I will be releasing my songs in February, but the videos will be out in March,” he added.

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