Solar Energy Is The Only Safe, Independent Alternative To Electricity In Nigeria

Solar Company in Nigeria

Power generation has been a constant pain in the neck for business owners and investors in Nigeria over the years, with so many alternatives popping up on the regular but not economical.

Nigeria for many years has been the major leader among countries that import generator sets. According to a March 2017 publication by The Nation, Nigeria imports no fewer than 70 million generator sets.

“Between 60 and 70 million generators of different brands and sizes have been imported into the country, in the past few years. The generators are of lower and higher voltages, depending on the needs of the owners. Besides, the generators range from the smallest to the biggest, such as Perkins and Caterpillar brand. The generators are worth billions of naira, which means that Nigerians are repatriating funds to access power.”

Not omitting the fact that these generator sets contribute to a high level of fuel consumption and the climatic dangers attached to it. The proliferation of generators, or what Schneider Electric described as “the alarming reality of mass generator dependency,” exposes communities to harmful emissions of greenhouse gases.

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Solar Panel Distributors in Nigeria Solar Panel Distributors in Nigeria

‘Wole Oduwole, a Nigerian representative of A-Z Energy Company buttresses the need to adopt a safe means of power generation as against the glamorized use of generator sets;

“No one is talking about the health hazards of the widely distributed generators in Nigeria. Not to mention the noise pollution they constitute to work and residential environment. We tend to get used to things anomaly in this country without thinking of better ways to go about them.”

Your house was feeling hot at night, your baby couldn’t get any sleep as a result of the heat. You put on the generator and the baby had only a fair rest as the sound from the generator was another distraction. Still not good enough.”

Why Solar Energy?

  • One of the major advantages of Solar energy is being a renewable source of energy and not eliminating how much it reduces electricity bills. It will surely serve well as an alternative when the Hydro-electric power supply is not available not necessarily as a complete replacement.
  • Solar power has diverse applications as it can power various appliance depending on their capacities. It’s also advisable to go for solar-friendly appliances as we have them in the market now; such as DC fans, Television sets of less than 20 watts and the likes.
  • Talk of cost, aside from the initial set-up, the cost of maintaining a solar power system is quite reasonable when compared to other means of power generation.
  • As a noiseless form of power generation, we get to enjoy electricity without any burden attached
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Solar Energy in Nigeria Solar Energy in Nigeria Solar Company in Nigeria

Where to get a Solar Power Installation in Nigeria?

A-Z Energy offers an efficient solar power installation in Nigeria and across. The UK-based energy firm facilitates well-developed set-up installation for effective use. One of the key reasons to get an installation from A-Z Energy is their one-year warranty support offer whereby you get free maintenance for the first year of purchase. This covers free replacement, repairs and services for the first one year.

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How To Contact A-Z Energy:

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UK: +447557649320
Nigeria: +2348162200229, +2348029051726
Instagram & Twitter: @AZEnergy1

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