Russia Intensifies Strikes On Chernihiv Despite Promise To Cut Operations

Russia has 'increased intensity of strikes on Chernihiv since promising to cut back operations', mayor says

ChernihivRussia has ‘increased intensity of strikes on since promising to cut back operations’, mayor says

In an interview with CNN, Atroshenko hit out at Russia’s claim that it planned to “drastically reduce” its military assault on Chernihiv and the Ukrainian capital, Kyiv.

Atroshenko said:

This is yet another confirmation that Russia always lies.

Contrary to Russia’s statement that it would de-escalate attacks, Atroshenko said hostilities have increased in Chernihiv since the claim was made.

They’re saying reducing intensity, they actually have increased the intensity of strikes.

Today we have a colossal attack on the center of Chernihiv. Twenty-five people have been wounded and are now in hospitals. They’re all civilians.

So whenever Russia says something, this needs to be checked carefully.

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