Rio Olympics: 9 Events Nigerian Athletes Would Have Easily Won Gold Medals

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The 2016 Rio Olympics is about winding up with just two days left for the event which comes up once in four years. The games just like London 2012 has not been a good outing for Nigeria. With no medal won yet, Team Nigeria is prepared to return home just as they went to Brazil.

The only hope of winning a medal lies with the men’s football team who will fight for a bronze against Honduras in a third place match on Saturday.

Here are 8 games Nigeria would have succeeded easily if introduced to the Olympics:

1. Ludo

Yes! Ludo, not Judo. Nigerians in every region of the country are known for the love of this game. Children from as low as 4 years of age plays ludo while the elderly, no matter how old are not left out of the game. How good would it have been if organisers introduce this game?

2. Baba Ijebu

Baba Ijebu is another name for lottery. Many Nigerians now have the habit of playing it. More lottery companies now established and many Nigerians stake even their last sweat to play. Now, they know Nigeria will win and that’s why they didn’t introduce it.

3. Conductorism

From Lagos to Kaduna, Onitsha to Kano, Ibadan, Aba and other cities in the country, Nigeria boasts of bus conductor who would jump on moving bus at full speed, who would perform unbelievable stunts to entice passengers. Nigeria would have had a good outing in such game. Though Brazil which is also noted for this will give them a run for their money.

4. Gluttony

Nigerians can eat well no doubt about that. There was the case of a bricklayer who consumed 17 wraps of fufu and another who took a bag of sachet water. There was also the case of one who would not cook less than a bowl of beans to be accompanied by 2 loaves of N250 bread. Why not allow us participate in games like this?

5. Masquerading

This would also have been a perfect game for Nigeria. The country boasts of colourful and adorable masquerades.

6. Padding

Rio organisers may not understand what it means but Nigerians do. A game of subtraction and addition in a non-mathematical form would have create a great prospect of winning medal for the country.

7. Gele-Tying

This is a game Nigeria will no doubt beat other countries no matter the number of times the contest. Even without professional training, Nigerians know how to do their things.

8. Draft

Some call it the game of old men. Draft has been in existence for unremembered times, keeping both the young and old busy. With a number of tricks evolved over the years, Nigeria should be able to scoop gold medal in a draft competition.

9. Farting

Nigerians can play good melodies from their farts.

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  1. Funny but true. lets face our thing and stop pursuing them. we will never beat them in their game

  2. Nigerians should create their own competiton then. nobody dey beg you to olympic before

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