Oyo State Governor Takes Firm Action Against Street Trading

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Oyo State Governor Takes Firm Action Against Street Trading
Clampdown on Illegal Street Trading in Oyo State by Governor Makinde

Oyo State Governor, Seyi Makinde, has taken a tough stance on street trading, as a newly formed task force is prepared to crack down on illegal street vending activities. In a statement released on Wednesday in Ibadan by Mr. Rotimi Babalola, the Director of Press and Public Relations for the Ministry of Information, Culture, and Tourism, it was revealed that the state government has been actively raising awareness about the need to eradicate unlawful trading in Ibadan markets.

Mrs. Modupe Adeleye, the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources, emphasized that this action is in line with the state government’s objective to eliminate street trading on state roads and other prominent streets in the capital.

Adeleye declared that street trading is now deemed illegal in Oyo State and is considered a severe offense under the state’s environmental laws. She further stated, “It is common knowledge that the Oyo State Government will no longer tolerate street trading in the State, and the ministry will enforce the law vigorously from now on.”

The ongoing strict enforcement exercise currently taking place in Ibadan is a direct result of the state government’s long-standing implementation of the Street Trading and Illegal Market Prohibition Law. This legislation specifically outlines the penalties for both buyers and sellers engaging in the sale of goods or services on the streets.

In addition to tackling street trading, Mrs. Adeleye urged citizens to ensure proper waste disposal in the state. She firmly stated that the Oyo State Government will not condone unlawful dumping of waste by residents. She called upon market leaders in the state to ensure compliance with environmental regulations and encouraged them to hire the services of government-approved Waste Management consultancy, Mottainai Recycling Ltd.

Prior to the initiation of the enforcement exercise, the ministry had conducted extensive campaigns to enlighten traders about the government’s zero-tolerance policy towards street trading. The meeting, attended by all relevant stakeholders, including the Babaloja General of Oyo State and other market leaders, aimed to educate and engage traders in understanding and adhering to the new regulations.

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