Odumodublvck’s Near-Death Experience And The Journey To Fame

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Renowned artist Odumodublvck recently opened up about a harrowing incident from his past that nearly claimed his life before he attained fame. The artist, known for his incredible talent and unique style, revealed that he underwent a life-threatening encounter that left him with 16 stitches.

Odumodublvck's Near-Death Experience And The Journey To Fame

The singer, famous for his track ‘Declan Rice,’ recounted a significant event that took place in 2022 when he had just been discharged from the hospital after undergoing a major surgery.

During this time, his friends contacted him to inform him that Wizkid had endorsed his song ‘Picanto,’ featuring Zlatan Ibile.

Odumodublvck stated that Wizkid’s act of sharing his song on social media was a divine sign from God, indicating that he would achieve great success in his career.

These revelations were made by Odumodublvck during his appearance on the recent episode of the Body & Soul podcast, which is hosted by the singer Joeboy.

“You can hear the way I’m talking? It’s not because of these [teeth] grills, it’s because I did one operation [surgery]. I almost died but God kept me here right now. And the fact that God saved me, everything that was happening after that was not surprising.

“Ask my guys, I was eating baby food for two weeks. Apart from that, there were like sixteen stitches in my mouth, bro. The day Wizkid posted my stuff was the day I was being discharged from hospital.

“I woke up in the morning, I saw a message at 7 am, I saw Machala…And I checked my Instagram, everybody was sending me that Wizkid posted ‘Picanto’. And that was like, the first thing that God used to tell me that, yo, I’m with you, everything that is going to be happening from here onwards, it’s going to be more than what eyes have seen, ears have heard.”

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