Nollywood Star Juliana Olayode Narrates How A Lesbian Tried To Woo Her [VIDEO]

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Actress Juliana Olayode shares her experience with a lesbian
Actress shares her experience with a lesbian

Jenifa’s Diary actress Juliana Olayode has shared her experience with a lesbian.

The movie star took to her Instagram account where she posted a video, saying that a lady asked her out, adding a caption stating that she does not condemn or judge anyone and that she was against lesbianism.

According to Juliana, she went somewhere and many people came around her and one particular lady walked up to her and complimented her physical features.

Juliana Olayode
Juliana Olayode

The unsuspecting actress thanked the lady for the compliments and when she was about to take her to leave, the lady asked for her contact, which she gave her.

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Juliana stated that giving the lady her number was the worst mistake of her life as the woman called her and at a point in the conversation, she started to wonder where it was all leading to.

It came as a shock to her when the lady finally hit the nail on the head; she wanted to date Juliana.


The movie star while dishing the story, rotated her hand round her head, saying the words, “God forbid bad thing”.

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See the video below:

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