NLC Protesters Pull Down National Assembly Gate

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In a wave of fury, a massive group of angry protesters managed to forcefully break down the gates of the National Assembly in Abuja earlier today.
NLC Protesters Pull Down National Assembly Gate
The demonstration was initiated by the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC), as they expressed their collective frustration over the hardships brought on by President Bola Tinubu’s recent decision to terminate the subsidy regime.

The NLC had announced the commencement of the protests earlier this week, denouncing the economic challenges faced by the Nigerian populace following the subsidy cut. With citizens grappling with soaring fuel prices and increased living costs, the labor union deemed it necessary to take their demands directly to the government’s doorstep.

As the sun rose on Wednesday morning, a sizable crowd of protesters was reported to have started protesting in different states chanting solidarity slogans.

However, it was reported that when the Abuja protesters arrived at the national assembly complex on Wednesday, they were met with locked gates and an imposing line of security officials determined to keep them at bay.

Undeterred, the passionate protesters persisted in their mission to have their voices heard. With an overwhelming display of unity and determination, they collectively managed to pull down the imposing gate, breaching the tightly guarded perimeter and surging into the national assembly premises.

The scene that followed was charged with emotion, as the protesters occupied the usually serene surroundings with their resounding demands for accountability and change. Chants of discontent echoed through the air as they stood face-to-face with the symbol of the nation’s legislative authority.

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