Nigerians Outraged Over Tinubu’s Ministerial Nominees

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Nigerians Outraged Over Tinubu's Ministerial Nominees
Tinubu Faces Criticism Over Ministerial List

In a storm of social media backlash, Nigerians have expressed their strong disapproval of the 28-man ministerial nominees list submitted by President Bola Ahmed Tinubu to the National Assembly for screening and confirmation. The list, which includes prominent figures like former governors Nyesom Wike and Nasir El-Rufai, has ignited heated discussions across various online platforms.

Citizens have taken to Twitter and other social media channels to criticize the composition of the ministerial list, labeling it as a mere recycling of old politicians who, in the past, contributed to the nation’s problems and challenges. The move has raised concerns among the public, who had hoped for fresh faces and visionary leaders to steer the country towards positive change.

Notable figures have also joined the chorus of disapproval on social media. One prominent voice, former senator and activist Sheu Sani, expressed his disappointment in a tweet, likening some nominees to serpents with a history of treachery and others as vultures being rewarded for betraying the trust placed in them. Sani’s tweet reads, “The Ministerial list; The President embraced some Serpents with a known history of treachery and rewarded some vultures for playing the Judas. Appeasing a snake in a palace doesn’t spare the King.”

Twitter user @Morris_Monye echoed the sentiment, questioning the President’s belief in the abilities of the nominees to transform the country positively. The tweet suggests that the ministerial list appears more like a favor to friends rather than a selection of capable individuals who can genuinely make a difference. Comparisons were drawn to previous administrations led by figures like former Presidents Olusegun Obasanjo and Goodluck Jonathan, who were known for having strong, competent teams around them.

Another concerned citizen, @Mykoladoo, voiced frustration at the composition of the list, stating that the ministerial positions seemed to have become mere compensation slots rather than opportunities for capable technocrats to effect change. The list, according to the tweet, was filled with former governors, senators, and representatives, raising questions about opportunities for new and aspiring leaders.

Expressing deep disappointment, @jessecarson007 remarked on Twitter that the President’s choices were reminiscent of individuals who had previously contributed to the nation’s woes, leaving many perplexed about the decision-making process behind the nominations.

Twitter user @CEOchrysolite expressed a sense of disillusionment and impatience, wondering why Nigerians had been waiting for more than two months for a ministerial list that appeared to include questionable choices.

The widespread criticism on social media highlights the importance of public perception and expectation regarding political appointments. As the National Assembly begins the screening and confirmation process, citizens continue to engage in online debates, hoping for leaders who will prioritize the nation’s interests and bring about meaningful change for Nigeria’s future.

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