Nigerians Are Too Lazy, Over Dependent On Government – Kachikwu


Nigerians Are Too Lazy, Over Dependent On Government - Kachikwu

The honorable state minister for Petroleum, Ibe Kachikwu, on Saturday blasted Nigerians for being “helplessly dependent on govern­ment institutions” and also for being “nos­talgically lazy people.”

Kachikwu was speaking at the 2016 convoca­tion ceremony of Petroleum Training Institute (PTI) students at the PTI Conference centre, Effu­run Delta State.

His words:

“Change is not all about bud­geting. It is about individuals and how they run their lives and their communities. It is only in these sequential changes that you find a change that will happen to Nige­ria.

“We will come out stronger. These are troubling times and we are encouraged by the Federal Executive Council that troubling times demands very noble creativity.

“I am happy that the president, though he does not talk much, is spending a lot of time wonder­ing what went wrong since he left office and propelled by this nos­talgia, he is putting in place solid foundation to ensure that we do not go back to what we are facing today when we get out of it.

“Although it might not be vis­ible today, please bear with us. We are working round the clock to make a difference.”

Speaking on the issue of Niger Delta militants sabotaging the Nigerian economy, Emefiele added:
“What the president does not want to do is to place the whole dialogue process in the hands of those that failed four months ago.

“I have sent him a short and long term solution, which include engagement and inclusiveness of communities.”

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