Nigerian Students Protest UNILAG Fee Hike

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Nigerian Students Protest UNILAG Fee Hike
UNILAG Faces Student Outcry Over Fee Hike

The National Association of Nigerian Students (NANS) has taken a stand against the recent fee increment announced by the University of Lagos (UNILAG) management. In a letter addressed to the Vice Chancellor of the institution, NANS demanded an immediate reversal of the increased fees, stating that it was not done in good faith and without proper consultation with the students.

The decision to increase fees was revealed in a statement dated July 20, 2023, after a meeting between the Senior Staff Association of Nigerian Universities (SSANU) UNILAG branch and top management staff. The new fee structure affects undergraduate students in various courses, with some facing significant hikes in their educational expenses.

According to the new fee schedule, students studying medicine, who were previously paying N19,000, will now have to pay N190,250. Meanwhile, courses that require laboratory and studio usage will cost N140,250 for the students.

Comr. Giwa Yisa Temitope, the Public Relations Officer of NANS, expressed the students’ disappointment and frustration in the letter to the Vice Chancellor. The letter emphasized that the unilateral decision to increase fees without considering the students’ input or consulting their official representatives, NANS, was unacceptable.

The student body argued that the fee increment would disproportionately affect thousands of students and their families, especially considering the prevalent poverty and unemployment rates in Nigeria. NANS highlighted that even senior workers in SSANU at UNILAG are unable to afford the new fees, as evidenced in their statement to the management.

Furthermore, NANS asserted that students are major stakeholders in the university and should be consulted before any such decision is taken. They called for transparency and inclusivity in decision-making processes that affect students’ welfare and future.

In the letter, NANS demanded an immediate reversal of the fee hike and requested that any payments already made by students be refunded. They further urged the university management to involve students in future discussions related to fee adjustments.

As a show of their determination, NANS instructed all students of UNILAG not to pay the increased fees and announced their intention to hold a congress on August 2, 2023. During the gathering, students will discuss issues pertaining to the welfare of Nigerian students and strategize their response to the fee increment.

NANS also extended an invitation to the university management to meet and discuss with student leaders during the congress to address the concerns regarding the increased fees.

In response to the situation, will keep a close eye on developments at UNILAG and update readers as the situation unfolds. The university management’s actions and responses to NANS’ demands will undoubtedly shape the future of education at the institution and have far-reaching implications for Nigerian students.

With the threat of a campus protest looming, all eyes are now on UNILAG to see how they will address the students’ grievances and find a resolution to the ongoing issue of fee hikes.

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