Nigeria At 59; Which Way?

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Nigeria At 59; Which Way?
Man in distress

Akinyele SolChild writes:

A disgruntled married Nigerian man who is having an affair with a married woman who he suspects is cheating on him with another man was relating his ordeal to me recently, I was short of words/reaction as he was sharing his experience with me.
I think we all can agree to the fact that Musa deserves a Guinness record award, he’s seen the most if not all. I’ve been looking for where to offload this content to for a while now as it was heavy on my mind and I couldn’t un-hear the blab so I had to use this opportunity to unburden myself even though it’s got nothing to do with why I’m writing.

So Nigeria turn 59yrs 2days ago, meanwhile How far?

There is this popular saying or mentality Nigeria which is “Nobody wins the government, the government owns us all, we are subjects to their desires and existence” as ridiculous as it sounds, we have lived with this lag notion like forever and if it’s what it is, it means human/people/citizens right is a paper tiger in our clime, I mean it’s a case of an object placed on a train track of an oncoming Beijing fast train, dead on arrival.

That’s why we go about our lives with that I don’t want government problem, you’d hear stuff like nobody should desire to be in a different situation with government whereas this same government we fear and uphold so high isn’t shy to create problems for citizens and people.

That’s why you’ll be served a generated bill that should cover 5months of constant power supply for a month period whereas you only have the privilege to use power for less than 14days a month, some times 5hrs a day. And that power holding staff will have the audacity to come climb your pole to remove your wire if you miss a month pay and if you ever confront them, they’ll say they are running an errand for the government which means you harass them you are harassing government.

That’s why you’ll pay for Road Worthiness as part of your car license tax and you’ll be made to drive your worthy car on a government’s unworthy road and when it’s time for them to harass the set of people driving without paying, they’ll find a ludicrous potholed region of the few roads to stand knowing traffic will be slow their to stop cars and ask them for their complete particulars and if you are found wanting your car will be seized for ransoms and punishments.

In a normal world, the government are created to serve the people but our abnormal country it’s the opposite which is we are here to serve them, we die whilst they enjoy, their wellbeing is our responsibility else you see people killing to clinch that government position.

I disagree we need a revolution alone, I think we need a total wipeout and a new start. Why I suggest that is, we are the government because these people that become politicians aren’t from another country but our society which means this government problem isn’t totally government problem but people’s problem.

Nigeria is a terrible place with badly raised, desperados and unapologetic inhuman people. From the rich to the poor, young to the old and unborn I fear. And this same fruit is the ones that become politicians, managers of parastatals that defines our country and the worse of it all public figures(Religion/Entertainment/Social Figures) that are models for society people.



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