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Mustafa – The Hearse

Mufasa The Hearse Mp3 Download and Lyrics
Mufasa – The Hearse (Song Artwork)

The Hearse

Song by
Produced by Simon On The Moon, Frank Dukes &
Album: When Smoke Rises
Released: 26 May 2021

This song perfectly encapsulates the initial parts of the grieving process which is the natural feeling of revenge that so many youths in the hood feel. Even if they weren’t looking for beef, when someone takes a life of their own, they’re willing to give up their life (either life in prison or death) for vengeance.

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Mustafa – The Hearse Lyrics:

[Intro: SAFE]
It’s crazy, it sounds like, feels like, literally like, bruh
Listen, this sh!t’s wild, fam, this sh!t’s wild, fam
I haven’t spoke to Capo in a minute
I know he’s been through it

[Verse: Mustafa]
There’s a war outside and I can’t lose all my dawgs
I can’t choose right or wrong, right or wrong
We get it on and poppin’, but we were always poppin’
But you know how that hate goes, you know how that K blows
When we used to rock the same clothes
And n!ggas make me wrap you in a white fold
They gon’ pay their price in blood and that’s on everything I know
On everything I know
Swear I wasn’t lookin’ for no beef, I got a family to feed
There’s room for everyonе to eat, I was all about the peacе
I didn’t wanna risk it all, oh, I know what’s at stake
But you made yourself special, I wanna throw my life away for you
Full clip with zombie tips, I’ll give all my days to you
Full speed on any street, I won’t take a break to you
My patience and my peace, I feel all of the rage for you

There’s a war outside and I can’t lose all my dawgs
I can’t choose right or wrong, right or wrong
With my dawgs, right or wrong

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