Most Nigerian Leaders Are Empty – Obasanjo

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In a scathing critique of Nigeria’s current leadership, former President Olusegun Obasanjo expressed his concerns about the nation’s developmental progress.

Most Nigerian Leaders Are Empty - Obasanjo
Olusegun Obasanjo

Speaking at the launch of the book “Reclaiming the Jewel of Africa,” authored by Olusegun Aganga, former Minister of Finance, on Monday, Obasanjo held nothing back as he highlighted the prevailing inadequacies in the country’s leadership.

The seasoned statesman lamented that many individuals aspiring for positions of power in Nigeria possess a limited understanding of what the country truly needs for progress. According to Obasanjo, these individuals lack the necessary vision and foresight required to steer the nation toward genuine economic and political growth.

To attain a prominent status on the African continent and the world stage, Obasanjo emphasized the pressing need for “new leaders” to identify and remove the obstacles hindering Nigeria’s progress. He warned against any attempts to dismantle the country’s existing reforms, as such actions could prove detrimental and hinder the nation’s advancement.

“You will weep for your nation over their level of emptiness as far as development issues are concerned. Leadership is the key to unlocking and removing the impediment to Nigeria’s attainment of its divine stature and status and being kept a Lilliputian, Obasanjo said.

“With leadership issues resolved in terms of character, attributes, value, virtue, orientation, performance, and love of humanity with love and fear of God, all other things will be given in terms of achievement and Nigeria will become a giant in the sun. We then move from potentiality to actuality.

“If you ask why they want to be in the position they are craving for, you will weep for your nation over their level of emptiness as far as development issues are concerned.

“What do they understand for peace, security, stability, predictability, development, growth, and progress to be actualized? I believe that peace, security, democracy, and prosperity must be taken together.” 

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