Mixed Reactions As Joey Akan and M.I Abaga Exchange Blows On Twitter

Popular Nigerian rapper Jude Abaga aka has come under scrutiny by many after he reportedly traded words with famous Nigerian celebrity Joey Akan, who has also retorted back at M.I and is also winning the crowd in his argument with the Nigerian rap legend, stating he can’t be tamed and speaks very much against Abaga. 

Mixed Reactions As Joey Akan and M.I Abaga Exchange Blows On Twitter
M.I. Abaga

Yesterday, Joey Akan tweeted saying ”Why is DaBaby not having a one-on-one with local Nigerian rappers. No meet-and-greet?No hailings? ‘wE nEeD tHe cUlTuRe To ReSPeCt Nigerian wrappers’. You rappers should go and drag Davido na, since entitlement is your first name.” he ended the tweet with three laughing emojis.

Just over an hour ago, reportedly banned Joey Akan from having any association with the hip-hop community in Nigeria after a series of spats between both celebrities on the micro-blogging platform.  Joey Akan responded with a tweet of his own. ”King of Nigerian hip-hop has excommunicated me. You’re not that guy, Jude. You no longer have that influence you used for evil in the past.  The industry doesn’t rate you. Your past sins speak against you. You’re still stuck in 2011, that’s why you’re crying for Rick Ross.”

Many people have had their say on the matter as there have been trailing mixed reactions on social media. While others believe Joey Akan was wrong to diss rappers in the country for not having perhaps the status of other artists, the vast majority believe M.I was very wrong for the ex-communication of Joey Akan from hip-hop-related affairs as hundreds are beginning to question M.I’s leadership capabilities in the industry.

The hostilities have entered a second stage between both celebs and it is causing many to take a side, with many trooping to Joey Akan’s side.  Fans and critics alike are questioning what authority M.I had to make such a brash decision to isolate Joey Akan. It turns out that many are decamping and moving over to the side of Joey Akan whom they feel is rather logical about his argument and sees M.I  as a social tyrant.

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