Meta Succumbs To Strict Demands From German Regulator

Meta has a criterion significant for competition across markets, which grants Germany’s regulator more leeway.

German lawmakers have introduced legislation which will ban anti-competitive activities.

operates a strong ad-supported social media ecosystem, which continues to expand and is used by a large portion of the German population. The cartel office expressed the statement on Wednesday.

It said that the new classification of companies would allow it to make a conclusive decision about Meta’s antitrust status in a more rapid manner.

The court ordered to limit data collection, saying the company was unfairly mining information from its users. They appealed this decision and it’s still pending.

The cartel office is starting proceedings against based on how their virtual reality products connect to the social media network.

The US-based company will comply with the cartel office’s decision.

The Federal Cartel Office rejected Meta’s proposal to buy Telekom, but the company spokesperson said it intends to continue providing a good experience for German users.

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