Messi’s Jersey Keepsakes and Marvel-Inspired Joys at Inter Miami

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Messi's Jersey Keepsakes and Marvel-Inspired Joys at Inter Miami
Swapped Jerseys and Superhero Celebrations at Inter Miami

In an exclusive interview with The Miami Herald, Lionel Messi, the esteemed captain of Inter Miami, revealed his sentimental approach to football mementos and his heartwarming connection to his family during goal celebrations. The former Barcelona and PSG forward unveiled a glimpse into his life, sharing insights about the cherished jerseys he collects and the inspiration behind his Marvel-themed goal celebrations.

“I simply exchange with whoever happens to be there at that moment. I have had a chance to play against teams that had Argentine players and generally we swap shirts,” Messi explained regarding his tradition of swapping jerseys after matches. He went on to mention, “But I also exchanged shirts with players in Europe, players who I knew from before, it’s always nice to change shirts with friends or players I know. I have them all saved in my house in Barcelona where I have all the important mementos of my career.”

The 36-year-old football icon also divulged how his sons played a significant role in formulating his Marvel-themed goal celebrations. Messi’s three sons, still relishing their vacation and yet to embark on the school routine, initiated the concept. “My three sons are still on vacation, have not started school yet, so every night we watch Marvel superhero movies,” he disclosed. “They came up with the idea and asked that whenever I have a game and score a goal, I do a Marvel superhero celebration. That’s how it started, and we continued that ritual.”

He shared the sentimentality of these celebrations being a way to bond with his children. “Each time we watched a new movie, we would practice a goal celebration. But I only do them for home games, when the kids are here, near me, so we can share those moments. When I see them in the stands, that is when I do them.”

When quizzed about his transition to Major League Soccer (MLS) and joining Inter Miami, Messi expressed that it was a decision made as a family. He acknowledged the pivotal role his wife and kids played in the choice. “It was a family decision, with my wife and kids. And I can tell you today that I am very happy with the decision we made, not only from a sporting perspective but for how my family lives every day.”

In terms of his experience in the United States, Messi praised the warmth of the people he’s encountered. “We are enjoying the city which has been very welcoming. Not only in Miami, but we played in Dallas the other day, and the people welcomed me and embraced me, and I am grateful and happy for this moment because I’m enjoying playing this game I have loved all my life.”

As Inter Miami fans eagerly await the marvels Messi continues to unfold on the field, his unique blend of preserving cherished memories and creating new ones with his family stands as a testament to his multi-faceted personality, both as a sporting legend and a loving father.

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