Meet Youngest DPO In Nigeria Who Wowed The IGP


Most Nigerians have this notion of infamy about the police force in the country, and while it isn’t solely the people’s fault why this is so considering different tales of woe and inefficiency that stains , it is quite imperative to ensure that we announce and celebrate any officer of the Nigerian police who do well enough to clear our doubts.

This is where the story of Amah Daniel, the youngest Divisional Police Officer (DPO) in Nigeria comes in to massively impress. He is a police officer with a mark of distinction and we should celebrate him.

Amah Daniel is the DPO of the Bompai Police Station, in Nassarawa Kano, Kano state, where under his watch has been adjudged the best Best Police Station in Nigeria. The impressive tales of efficiency, professionalism and good public relations that have trailed Amah Daniel’s touch at Bompai have been so much that it attracted the visit of the Inspector General of Police (IGP), Ibrahim Kpotun Idris, on an assessment tour today, the 5th of December, 2016.

Meet Youngest DPO In Nigeria Who Wowed The IGP

Meet Youngest DPO In Nigeria Who Wowed The IGP

Meet Youngest DPO In Nigeria Who Wowed The IGP

As quite expected, the assessment tour became a commendation tour, as the IGP had lofty words to describe all he saw at the police station in terms of productivity and efficiency. IGP gave high ratings to Daniel and his Bompai team in terms of neatness, crime response and solving rate, public relations, promptness, professionalism, officers’ demeanor to work, and even IT savvy.

In his words, “This is probably the neatest, most efficient and prompt-servicing police station we have in the police force at the moment. I am impressed at all I’m seeing here, it confirms what we’ve been hearing about the leadership abilities of Amah Daniel. I commend him hugely, IGP Ibrahim said.

“He is a young and very promising and professional police officer whose leadership qualities have clearly robbed off his officers”, he added.

DPO Amah Daniel is particularly revered across board for his staunch anti-corruption stamce, and in his tenure, the Bompai area has recorded the lowest crime rates in a long while, and in tandem with the Federal government’s drive to lead by example, DPO Daniel has set a “Change Begins With Me” campaign arm at his station to champion how policemen should be seen as exemplars of such noble drive. This particularly wowed the IGP.

In his mid 30s, DPO Amah Daniel is definitely a breathe of fresh air out of the Nigerian police force, and he should be the face of an efficient, dependable and trustworthy police force, even now that the country aimed at achieving true change at all fronts.

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