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Machine Gun Kelly – GTS

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Machine Gun Kelly - GTS

Machine Gun Kelly finds his way through with the release of GTS video.

The 3rd track on MGK’s BINGE EP talks about the “sh!t” the rapper has gone through, mainly drug-related.

Quotable Lyrics:

Everything in my inventory, for the glory
And the fact my past is gory, the boy met world like Cory (ay)
Real life, hit like Beckham, sh!tstorm looked like Maury
The boy lost like Dory, only one way that I’m performing (aye)
Pour it up, pour it up
Keep it coming, I need more of them
Pour it up, pour it up
Keep it coming ’til I’m throwing up
I don’t even go in public, without feeling like I should be on a substance
I’m in my room like a recluse
Look what the fuvk you people made me do?

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