Mac Miller’s Death: Ariana Grande Cancels Performance at Last Minute

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Mac Miller's Death: Ariana Grande Cancels Performance at Last Minute

Ariana Grande cancelled her performance at Barbara Berlanti Heroes Gala in L.A. on Oct. 13 as she’s still ‘suffering’ from Mac Miller’s death.

Ariana shocked and definitely disappointed her fans when she cancelled her appearance at the Barbara Berlanti Heroes Gala in Los Angeles on Oct. 13, right before she was about to take the stage.

Ariana Grande’s no-show proofs her ex, Mac Miller’s death is still a daily struggle for her and the singer has been having a very difficult time dealing with it.

A source told HollywoodLife;

“Ariana is still reeling from Mac’s death, it really hit her hard and she’s suffering a lot of trauma from it, and that has turned into a lot of anxiety for her. She felt she couldn’t just get up on stage and sing in front of an audience, and carry on with life as normal while she is massively grieving. The very last thing she wanted to do was pull out of the event, and that’s exactly why it was so last minute, because she really, really wanted to go, but the closer it came to the event, the more anxious she felt, and in the end she just couldn’t do it.”

The gala was the second big gig Ariana cancelled since Mac’s death. The first was her slot as the Saturday Night Live performer for the show’s season premiere just two weeks ago. Kanye West filled in for her and she’s been continuing to take some time away from the spotlight to mourn and heal.

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