Kogi Former Governor, Capt Wada Abandons 3 Airplanes At Kuala Lumpur Airport

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Kogi Former Governor, Capt Wada Abandons 3 Airplanes At Kuala Lumpur Airport

Boeing 747-200F planes with the registration numbers TF-ARM (L) and TF-ARN (R) are seen parked on the tarmac at Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) in Sepang on Dec 8, 2015. Still puzzled by the mystery of missing flight MH370, Malaysian airport authorities now have the opposite problem: three Boeing 747 planes left unclaimed at the country’s main airport.

Kogi Former Governor, Capt Wada Abandons 3 Airplanes At Kuala Lumpur Airport

Three Boeing 747-200F planes belonging to the former governor of Kogi State, Capt Idris Wada have been sitting at the Kuala Lumpur International Airport in Malaysia for more than a year. Now they could be auctioned off if their owner doesn’t claim them, according to the Malaysian Airport Authority.
That’s according to ads the airport placed in The Star, one of the country’s largest English daily newspapers, and The Sin Chew Daily on Monday.

“If you fail to collect the aircraft within 14 days of the date of this notice, we reserve the right to sell or otherwise dispose of the aircraft pursuant to the Civil Aviation Regulations 1996 and use the money raised to set off any expenses and debt due to us under the said regulations,” the ad said. (The year 1996 is a mistake, the act was established in 1969).

An airport official told Bloomberg that they know who owns the three 747-200F planes, but that the entity is not cooperating to move the planes.

“We have been in communication with the so-called owner, but they have not been responding to take away the aircraft. That’s why we go through this process to legalize whatever actions we want to take,” Zainol Mohd Isa, general manager of Malaysia airports, told Bloomberg. “We want to clear the area, we want to utilize our parking bay.”

In a statement, Malaysia Airports explained the move, suggesting that the owner of the planes is a defunct foreign company.

“The giving of such notice by way of advertisement is a common and reasonable step in the process of debt recovery especially in cases where the company concerned has ceased operations and is a foreign entity whereby exhaustive steps undertaken to find a contact person have not been successful.
MalaysiaAirport explained it received a man who identified himself as the son of the owner of the planes in February 2016,seeking the release of the three planes to him, saying he has concluded arrangements to move the planes to Hanoi International Airport, Vietnam but the authority declined his request due to insufficient evidence.

Reliable and verifiable source claimed the planes are owned by Capt Idris Wada who has refused to show up to claim the planes for obvious reason which is promoting the airport authority to auction the planes.

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