Kemi Adetiba Celebrates Husband’s Birthday

In celebration of his big day, Adetiba eulogized her husband via her Instagram page, hinting how much she loves and adores him.

Nigerian filmmaker, music video director, movie director, television director, and producer, whose works have been aired on MTV Base, BET, Channel O, Soundcity, and Netflix, Kemi Adetiba, is celebrating her husband’s birthday today, June 9.

Kemi Adetiba Celebrates Husband's Birthday
And Husband


Kemi Adetiba tied the knot with her Ghanaian lover, -Ackah, a music executive.

In celebration of his big day, Adetiba eulogized her husband via her Instagram page, hinting how much she loves and adores him.

In her lengthy birthday message, Adetiba also reveals she made the right choice by settling down with -Ackah.

She wrote:

It’s my honey’s birthday!!YAAAY💃🕺🚀❤️🎂
Happy Birthday to the love of my entire life…
Our “Uncle Oscar” a.k.a “Uncle Oooooo” aka “Uncle Oz” aka “The Pidgin KING 🤣” aka “Everybody Loves Oscar”. This incredible man with the biggest heart. Thank God I didn’t wait this long to “just do it”. You see the smiles in the wedding pictures and videos?? That’s because I KNOW I did it RIGHT. I carried my head, mind, eye & heart to the market. I didn’t get married because “I had to”. I got married, bcos it was to HIM!!
I don’t just love Uncle Oz… I RESPECT him. Not because “I’m supposed to” but because his very life, demeanor, essence & incredible accomplishments DESERVE it. And it’s same everyone that he comes across. I have never seen anyone with so many incredible feats fight to stay in the shadows, just so others to wear the crown.
I look at you and KNOW how lucky I am. Plus I get to tap into your immense brilliance and rich business acumen now 😜
And oh.. It doesn’t hurt that you’re, oh-so-incredibly YUMMY to look at *licks screen* 😍😝

You have the biggest heart, baby and you are KIND!! SO SO KIND!!! Anytime someone new says, “I love the way he loves you so openly.” I respond,”It’s not me… That’s just how he is.” This man loves with four corners of his heart… HARD and DEEP and carries people’s matter on his head. He is such a leader, and in a service way. His entire mission is looking for a way to help or uplift another, using any and every resource he has. And even in the face of betrayal this man still lends himself.
Sweetheart, everyone is rallying around to make today special for you, because you make everyday so special for others.
On a personal note – Thank you for making me feel emotionally, spiritually and physically safe. I love you deeply, immensely… Undeniably. Thank you for always spoiling me, Sugah-Daddy😉 God bless you and everything you touch. You will grow old to see our great grandchildren flourish♥️🙏🏾
Happy Birthday, BABY ♥️ Signed, Your “Sweet, sweet baby” 😘
Ps. Love those moments when we wake up, look at each other & burst out laughing cos we’re thinking the same thing… Like “Yo! We really did this thing and got married!” 🤣🤣

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