Kano State Fire Service Saves 26 Lives and N17 Million Worth of Property in June

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Kano State Fire Service Saves 26 Lives and N17 Million Worth of Property in June
Kano State Fire Service’s Swift Response Saves Lives and Property Worth N17 Million

In a recent statement released by the Kano State Fire Service, it was revealed that the heroic efforts of the service saved the lives of 26 individuals and protected property worth a staggering N17 million during the month of June. The Public Relations Officer (PRO) of the Service, Saminu Abdullahi, made this announcement on Tuesday in Kano.

According to Abdullahi, despite the valiant efforts of the fire service, the unfortunate loss of nine lives occurred during the period due to the devastating fires. Furthermore, property worth approximately N6.7 million was destroyed by these fire outbreaks.

During the month, the Kano State Fire Service responded swiftly to a total of 22 fire incidents, providing timely assistance to affected individuals and communities. Out of these incidents, 18 were genuine rescue calls, where the lives and livelihoods of Kano residents were at stake. The remaining four calls, however, turned out to be false alarms, emphasizing the importance of accurate reporting and timely information.

In light of these incidents, the spokesperson for the Kano State Fire Service urged the general public to exercise caution when dealing with fire. Abdullahi emphasized the importance of handling fire with care and maintaining clear drainage systems to prevent unforeseen circumstances.

The Kano State Fire Service continues to demonstrate its unwavering commitment to safeguarding lives and property within the state. The heroic efforts of their dedicated personnel have undoubtedly contributed to the significant reduction in the loss of life and property. As the community relies on their expertise and swift response, the fire service remains steadfast in their mission to protect and serve the people of Kano.

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