Kanayo O. Kanayo Sounds Alarm on Unrealistic Dressing and Makeup in Nollywood Films

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Kanayo O. Kanayo Sounds Alarm on Unrealistic Dressing and Makeup in Nollywood Films
Nollywood Legend Kanayo O. Kanayo Highlights Misleading Movie Dressing and Makeup

In a recent video posted on his Instagram page, renowned Nollywood veteran Kanayo O. Kanayo sounded a cautionary note to fellow filmmakers regarding the misleading depiction of dressing and makeup in movies. The actor, known for his extensive experience in the Nigerian film industry, highlighted the misalignment between filmmakers and movie costumiers as a significant issue.

Accompanying the video, Kanayo penned a thought-provoking caption that read, “Many Nollywood Producers paint the wrong picture of dressing/Makeup in the movies, all in the name of the fine picture. It’s misleading.” The veteran actor emphasized the crucial role of filmmaking as an agenda-setting tool for national development, particularly in the representation of culture and tradition.

Kanayo expressed his concerns regarding the unrealistic portrayal of characters’ attire in movies. He argued that many affluent individuals in society opt for casual dress rather than the lavish outfits often depicted on the screen. The actor pointed out that individuals of high social standing are often associated with luxury wristwatches, footwear, and designer t-shirts, rather than traditional Nigerian attire such as the Agbada.

The veteran actor also questioned the credibility of certain scenes where characters are shown fully dressed while at home, such as a man lounging on a sofa. Similarly, he raised concerns about the unrealistic depiction of women with full makeup while engaged in cooking activities. Kanayo further highlighted the perplexing scenario of women sleeping with wigs on and wearing a full face of foundation—a practice he found incredulous.

Kanayo stressed the importance of realism and authenticity in the images portrayed by filmmakers. Drawing from his own experiences, he revealed that a part of his PhD dissertation focused on exploring the role of Nollywood in shaping and preserving the cultural identity of Nigeria. He firmly believed that by embracing realistic portrayals, the industry would gain credibility and cultivate a more influential stance, impossible to ignore both at the national and international levels.

Drawing a parallel to the music industry’s success with Afrobeat, Kanayo urged Nollywood to strive for excellence and surpass their achievements. He observed how musicians had successfully capitalized on the power of their art form, garnering significant recognition and financial rewards. The actor expressed his firm belief that Nollywood possessed the potential to surpass the music industry’s accomplishments.

Kanayo’s words come as a wake-up call to filmmakers within the Nigerian movie industry, reminding them of the importance of accurate representations and the role they play in shaping the nation’s culture. His insightful video resonated with many industry professionals, prompting them to reflect on their own practices and strive for higher standards in the portrayal of dressing and makeup in movies.

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