JUST IN: Marine Police Recover “Real Body” Of Dr. Allwell Orji

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JUST IN: Marine Police Recover "Real Body" Of Dr. Allwell Orji

The news just broke that Dr. Allwell Orji’s real body has been recovered from Lagos lagoon. This leads to uncover the mystery behind the doctor’s suicide.

It’d be recalled that the body of Orji was earlier reportedly discovered but doctor’s mother came out to blatantly deny the corpse as his son. The family had stormed the Marine police station at Awolowo way Ikoyi to identify the body of Dr. Orji to be disappointed as finding another corpse.

This was proceeded by a detailed hunt around the lagoon which just resulted to the discovery of the real body.

Now, LASEMA and Lagos Marine police are confirming to the public that the newly identified body is that of late Dr. Allwell Orji and his relatives are in process of claiming it.

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