Joycelyn’s Father Threatens To Sue R. Kelly For ‘Abduction’

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Joycelyn's Father Threatens To Sue R. Kelly For 'Abduction'

There have been shattering and loud noise on the social media about the recent scandal lurking around R&B singer, R. Kelly for keeping some women in his custody against their will. It is believed that R. Kelly got them calm and lowly under some ‘cult’ activities which he had vehemently denied.

Now, the father of Joycelyn, one of the said young women in the singer’s custody had called out R. Kelly threatening to sue him.

Of course, the 50-year-old musician, who seemed all confident about his conduct dared the man to go ahead and file a suit.

Joycelyn had responded in a video chat that she is fine with the actor, which somewhat throws off the case as a kidnap or hostage.

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