Josh2Funny Leaves America’s Got Talent Judges, Audience In Stitches With Hilarious Acts

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Nigerian comedic sensation Josh2Funny took the stage at America’s Got Talent and left both the judges and the audience in fits of uncontrollable laughter with his uproarious goofball acts.

Josh2Funny Leaves America's Got Talent Judges, Audience In Stitches With Hilarious Acts

In a stunning display of his unique comedic prowess, Josh2Funny delivered not one, not two, but three incredibly unconventional and side-splitting jokes during his appearance on the tenth episode of the iconic talent show.

Josh2Funny took on the roles of the “Fastest Reader in the World,” the “Fastest Rapper in the World,” and even threw in a dash of being the “Best Magician in the World.”

Josh2Funny Leaves America's Got Talent Judges, Audience In Stitches With Hilarious Acts  For his first act, the ingenious comedian playfully introduced himself as the “Fastest Reader in the World.” With an exaggerated flourish, he dramatically placed three books in front of him and proceeded to comically simulate reading them at a lightning pace. The audience was left in stitches, baffled and amused by his hilarious antics.

Although Josh2Funny’s act didn’t propel him to the next round of the competition, his unconventional and rib-tickling approach managed to leave the judges utterly bewildered yet thoroughly entertained.

Undeterred by the initial outcome, the charismatic performer swiftly transformed his appearance, donning a vibrant clown wig and outrageously oversized shoes.

When questioned about his next act, Josh2Funny confidently declared himself the “Fastest Rapper in the World.” With an infectious energy, he launched into a rap performance filled with outrageously “nonsensical” lyrics, evoking bursts of laughter from the audience.

For his grand finale, Josh2Funny emerged on stage as a bearded magician, captivating the crowd with his impressive sleight-of-hand tricks and witty banter. As his act unfolded, waves of uproarious laughter rippled through the audience.

Initially met with puzzled expressions, the judges grappled to grasp the underlying message or joke in Josh2Funny’s performances. However, as his acts evolved and revealed their humorous layers, their understanding grew, and they were left astounded by his comedic genius.

Watch the video below:

Originating from the vibrant city of Lagos, Nigeria, Chibuike Josh Alfred, widely known as Josh2Funny, is not just a comedic sensation but also a versatile actor and musician.

With an ambitious goal in mind, he has set out on a mission to harness his multifaceted talents and the immense popularity he enjoys online to make an indelible impression on the discerning judges of ‘America’s Got Talent’.

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