Joke Silva Celebrates Husband Olu Jacobs’ 81st Birthday With Heartfelt Praises

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Renowned Nigerian actress, Joke Silva, poured out her heartfelt praises and adoration for her beloved husband, Olu Jacobs, as he reached the remarkable milestone of 81 years today.

Joke Silva Celebrates Husband Olu Jacobs' 81st Birthday With Heartfelt Praises  To commemorate this joyous occasion, Joke Silva took to her Instagram page, where she shared a photo of her husband, officially marking the significance of this momentous day.

In her endearing message, brimming with love and appreciation, Silva expressed her deepest gratitude to God while extending warm wishes to her husband on his special day.

With a touch of humor, the actress playfully mentioned that their son had been in a continuous state of celebration since May, emphasizing that July 11th was the official day to honor Olu Jacobs’ extraordinary journey through life.

She penned a heartfelt message alongside the photograph, saying, “Showboy. Happy birthday dearest as you add another year @olujacobs. God is good…always. Sir J’s fans have been celebrating his birthday since May ☺️ Note…today is the official day, 11th July.”

Joke Silva’s message exuded profound affection and admiration for her husband, reflecting the couple’s enduring love and the immense impact Olu Jacobs has made in the Nigerian entertainment industry.

As Joke Silva and countless admirers join hands in celebrating the iconic actor’s 81st birthday, the well-wishes and accolades continue to pour in, underscoring the immense respect and reverence he commands among his fans and peers alike.

Olu Jacobs, a true legend of the Nigerian film industry, has graced the silver screen with his extraordinary talent and charisma for several decades. His remarkable contributions have garnered him an indelible place in the hearts of millions of fans worldwide.

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