Jack Harlow Clears Security For Young Fan Who Wanted A Selfie

Popular American rapper became a hero yesterday in his home city of Kentucky when he cleared his personal security operatives during the Kentucky Derby, where he attended a horse race in his hometown.  Harlow was spotted by a 10-year-old fan named Veronica Mackin who saw him during the event and wanted to meet him one-on-one.


While Harlow was being protected by a sea of men, Veronica bravely pushed through(not violently) to get her dream photo with the superstar. The security operatives were not going to let a little girl cause any disruptions and so they blocked her from going through and it seemed as though her dream would not be actualized because of the men in black.

Fortunately for Veronica, Harlow spotted her trying to get past his security and he instructed them to let her through. Surprised and pleased at the same time, Veronica ran and hugged Harlow, whom it is understood is a role model of hers. She was really excited and soon asked for a photo with the music star, which Harlow gladly shared. A 10-year-old girl seeing her biggest wish happen was something Veronica could not fully comprehend.

Veronica and Harlow happen to be from the same area of Kentucky and it is little wonder why the young girl chose him as her idol. urged his young fan to study hard and do her best in school. He also shared some other moral disciplines that Veronica took very well.  Harlow also told her to follow her dreams and always aim high.

When asked about the surprise meeting between the celebrity and her daughter, Veronica’s mom said she was very surprised but pleased that Harlow had given her daughter an audience and she urged other stars to do the same.  Harlow is usually known for being appreciative of the local effort in his hometown and not one of the forgetful Hollywood celebrities that do not check home.

Harlow’s album titled  ”Come Home The Kids Miss You” dropped last week and has begun a skyward climb. The fast-selling rapper has been involved in very few scandals and thus poses as a good model for kids around the world to emulate. Harlow released his first EP in 2015, while still in high school. Upon graduating in 2016, he signed for DJ Records and has since been in the music bubble. His popular track ”What’s Poppin” blew him to the global limelight as well as his song on the Miami Heat basketballer ”Tyler Herro”

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